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About Ternion Group

Ternion Group International is a Christian Faith based company. Ternion was founded by Lenel Hopkins Jr who in early 2007 envisioned the first plans to create a global Christian operated construction company. Five years later, Ternion mn, LLC was founded, with the intent of redistributing profits from its operations into the kingdom of God. Ever since the inception, Ternion has endeavored to provide help for everyday people who have the heart for service and a burning desire to see their community flourish. Ternion’s primary focus is development , creating jobs and training the people of the community within the transformed area. We know it takes the heart of the community to thrive.
Every company has a vehicle in which they utilize to move their process. Ternion utilizes Member HUBS that is generally comprised of Local People who come from all walks of life and are passionate about their calling from GOD to grow his Kingdom. We work with local individuals who do not necessarily need to have development or construction experience. You provide the idea and the heart for strengthening your community, providing jobs, and training locals with limited options so they can grow into their purpose. We provide a complete structure for our Member HUBS to operate under and pull from in an effort to create lasting change in their community.
We share the same vision, to bring prosperity to the community from within. We not only assist our Member HUBS in bringing their vision to life, but also help them leave in place a system to educate and nurture community involvement and growth.

Team Ternion

Bruce Herrington

AIA Primary Architect

Heather Schooler

Secretary Of Training & Compliance

Maxwell Holland

President Of South Africa

Victor Blanco

Executive Vp Marketing &Training

Lenel Hopkins Jr.


Roderick Hampton Scott

Secretary For Governmental Affairs

Neil Halvorson

Secretary, Office Of General Counsel

Kaushal Garg

Director, Information Technology & Strategy

Alichia F. Webster

Director Of Housing And Real Estate Services

Antoinette Hopkins J.D

Special Counsel

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