Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men
“Employment and unemployment are the driving forces behind economic growth and stagnation. On a national scale, unemployment rates affect consumer confidence in a variety of ways, including the desire to make purchases. As a small business owner, you can affect your local economy by hiring additional workers as long as your hiring is in response to consumer reaction to your company’s products and services.”

What Is The Strength Of A Community?

The strength of any community is in its ability to provide access to jobs for the local community. Generally when there is a lack of jobs you tend to see the condition of the roads schools and the landscape start to deteriorate. The human component is even worse. Our globally connected Member Hub system is designed to assist and provide local kingdom minded individuals with the support and training to stave off the growing problem in communities around the country.
Bringing jobs back into a community is hard without proper investment and development. Talking only about change does nothing to bring jobs back or improve the community. Action must be taken. We cannot forget that God has to be in the midst of our decisions.

When Do Jobs Become Available?

Once there is a local individual who signs up to be a Member Hub then a plan is created to address a specific problem/problems in the community. As soon as the plan is approved and funded jobs become available. While many people may not have the knowledge and skill this will not disqualify them from getting hired.
Breathing life back into the community takes discipline and hard work and it also takes faith. Ternion is a christian based company who believes in putting God first and trusting him to use us accordingly to do his will. This is the only way we will prosper and turn our community’s around.
Once a plan is approved, the Ternion Member Hub, with assistance from Ternion Group International, will help secure the financing and begin to hire local community members for all available positions. Any community member who does not have the experience will be given the opportunity to be trained by one of Ternion’s Master Builders.
Developing an area is the first step then job creation, followed by individual training. The key to completing this entire cycle is continued support once the development project is completed.

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